Your Special Guide of The House of Virgin Mary & Ephesus Shore Excursions - Helliantus Anatolia Tours






Dear Fatma,

Words cannot begin to express how wonderful it was to get to know you and to have you as our guide when we visited Ephesus/Kusadasi Turkey November 2011. We were amazed at your love and knowledge of the Turkish History as you explained and described everything in detail. You brought us to the ruins of Ephesus, Terrace House, the House of the Virgin Mary, Sirince Village and then took us for a fabulous authentic Turkish meal that we are still talking about. Lastly you brought us to see and watch how the Turkish rugs are made by hand - from spinning the silk to watching how each rug is made from individual strands of silk/cotton/wool! I have gotten so many compliments from the rug that I bought that day.

I have to say that your guided tour was absolutely the highlight of our 12 day European Cruise!!

By the end of the day - you were not our "guide", but more like a lifelong friend! Fatma, you are a warm, strong, smart, loving and sincere woman and mother.

To anyone that is considering a guided tour - we HIGHLY RECOMMEND Fatma Acar with Helliantus Anodolu Tours. Fatma is simply the best!!! Her email address is: [email protected]

THANK YOU Fatma, we will always remember you. And if you are ever come to New York City, please let us know so that we can show you our wonderful city.

Love, Jim & Alaine Fitzgerald


Thank for the wonderful time!

Dear Fatma:

On discussing 'what was the most memorable event of our Holiday'? – All agreed 'Meeting Fatma'!  Your knowledge and tour presentations were excellent. Our lunch – delicious – we want to import the breads & dips! But most of all, we sensed in you a very, dedicated, hard worker, a devoted mother and tranquil soul. Many thanks for your special touches of cards and gifts. Will definitely recommend Helliantus Tours to anyone planning to travel in that remarkable area and in need of a # 1 guide. You will always remain a very special memory and if ever you or Rosebud can come to Canada, please know that you would be more than welcome to stay with any one of us.

Love You! The Johnsons, Gloria, Norman and Daryl & The Andersons, Debby and David

Gloria & Norman Johnson


Thank you so much for the wonderful "TASTE OF TURKEY". We could not have asked for a more enjoyable time or a more knowledgeable guide to show us this beautiful country and educate us about it's culture and history. You've become more than a guide to us, you have become a good friend. Thank you again for a fantastic journey. We look forward to our next visit. Please stay in touch.
Walter & Tina Lauder


Dear Fatma,
Thank you for putting up with us juniors. I wish we could retain all the wonderful information that you gave us. We shall remember you very fondly.
Valerie and Geoff

P.S. You have given us a very full "Taste of Turkey".

Thank you.


Dear Friend Fatma,
Teşekkür ederim / mersi / sağol.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
For sharing yourself, and your fantastic knowledge of your beautiful country its history so very overwhelming so many wonders you have shown us and helped us understand .
and helped us understand.
May God Bless you and your beloved daughter always.
I wish you happiness and success in all our your endeavours.
Eilen Gamfbell


Dear Fatma,
It was a pleasure to have you guide us on our tour.
You introduced us to a Turkey we never imagine
caring. We will always remember this trip with pleasure.
Jane Karger and Mange Wadel


You are an amazing women (equal to a man and better than many). Your knowledge of your love for, and your efforts to make Turkey a stronger and better country for the citizens to the proud off is truly rememberable. We will tolerate us.
Roze & Betty


63 London Road, Rainham, Gillingham, Kent. ME87RH
Tel: 01634232972
St. Thomas of Canterbury, Rainham St. Peter the Apostle, Twydall

Dear Fatma,
Greetings from Rainham. It seems a long way from "Anatolia" right now in every sense. Our journey home was smooth, fast and without any problem. Turkish Airlines had changed baggage hadless in Heathrow to use a company not on strike so all was well and we were met by our Rainham coach promptly.
But in another sense the journey was hard - from our marvellous pilgrimage, so expertly guided by you, to everyday parish life. I'm glad I took time on the last afternoon to record my reflections and my favourite memories; it has been non-stop work since I got home.
It really was a wonderfull trip and I am most grateful to you for your huge part in it.
I am most grateful too for your beautiful gift. The splendid ceramics now adorn my home. I was very touched. There can't be many Archangels like you.
I am reminded to send greetings from your 2 angels as well. Your angelic throng added greatly to our experience. In fact, as I said at the beginning, a pilgrimage is as much about what happens on the way as it is about where you are going. A lot happened on the way - Our churches grew closer, young and old grew closer, able and disabled grew closer and yet each individual or couple could make their own pilgrimage too.
All in all, we carry much into the future thanks to our trip. Fatma, once again, thank you so much.
Lots of love from
(Fr.) Douglas Bull. (& all of us)

Dear Fatma,
I would just like to thank you for exceptional tour. The information concerning ancient Turkey (Anatolia) through to the modern Turkey was wonderful, In aditional museums and so on).
Please take care of yourself & your daughter.
Best of luck for the future.

Heather Yvill


Dearest Fatma,
We never said good-bye to you or Finike: suddenly you were not there, & we wished to thank you so very much for everything that you did for us. Our holiday in Turkey was wonderful, & you helped to make it wonderful.
We feel that we have such a good friend now in Turkey and we are sorry that we didn't wish you good-bye.
Here are a few fotos to remind you, + us, of our friends, + remember if you ever think of coming to England. You must tell us + come + visit.
This card is of the English seaside, near here (nor or all like Turkey)!
I am sending a small poscard separately.
We both send you much love.

from Toni & Caroline


My dear, dear Fatma,

How often I think of you and your kindness. What a very, very special tour I had in Turkey thats so much to you and Shelia - I think the correct spelling of our dear friend is Sheila!

So much, I want Sheila and you trip to Materialize this year.

When you reach 79 years-skip 80 and go on to 81 years. Lots of unexpected, amazing pains crop up. My husband is 84, he too is fragile but mentally fine.

How is Rosebud?? How old is she now? Is she still dancing?
Often I hear by email from Hetch Doumey the guy who called you dangerous (you are!!) He is now in Romania. He sends me jokes on the wires.

My machine is very temper mental but dirty to e mail you.
Keep well dear friend - that to see you again here in Washington state
my love



Dear Fatima,
John and I want to thank you for a wonderful guided tour of "part of " your beatiful country, all our interests (architecture, art, and social history) were touched upon in your commenory and you brought alive to us both what we had been reading about.It was moving to walk on the roads that so many hundreds, and millions, have walked before.
Our best wishes to you and your lovely doughter.
We pray that she will have opportunities for educations and travel as she grows to adulthood.
I hope we can keep in touch .
Our very best wishes,

John & Virginia Bryce


Dear Fatma,
Just a little note to thank you so very much for all your patience and care. Your explanations were certainly helpful especially for a bunch of Canadians like us.
You have a beautiful country but more beautiful is its people with their warmth, hospitality and friendliness.
Thank you once again on behalf of all our family.

Miryt and Angelo Tambasco


Dear Fatma,
Thank you for looking after us. We really enjoyed having you as our guide.
And special thanks you for helping us and, so many times.
All the best for your future.
Love the Hubergen

Joe M. Gerda


Fatma, I salute you!
You've been a splendid guide
Whatever we could want, or
You've capably supplied.

We had the Word expanded
by Roger - Rob or John?
You found us shady places with Rocks to sit upon.

You've shown us sites where
Once had negned supreme,
explained to us their history
and the spbaudous they had

You kept us all in order.
Silenced talking -
moved us on
Toughts us words in Turkish
helped us count from "Beer"
to "on"

We've learned to Say,
with hand on heart
and eyes so big & round
a very breathy "sow" which
causes laughter all around.

When you were very desperate
you found us all a "loo"
and just in case we migh be

you found more things to do!

you told us funny stories
and you gave us all a laugh:
showed and age = old Cemetery
and Ephesian public bath

you given us a memory aid:
Ionic hands on hip:
Corinthian Curly houslyls or
Doric long thing strip

So "Teshekoor Ederim " to
Fatma _ Ahmet too
To "Hoja Rob"who brought us
a thanks to all of you......

when I get home to England
I'll have lots to fill my mind
With memories,and Turkish
and customs left behind

Oh well, our time has gone

we're towards our homeward

God's Grace and peace go with

Until we meet again .

With love

Mery Smith

You filled us up with Pancakes,
figs, and then an "Eyran Drink
You've taken us to mineral pools
where we could swim or sink!

When we were very desperate
you found us all a "Loo"
and just in case we might be bored
You found more things to do!

You told us funny stories
and you gave us all a laugh:
Showed an age-old Cemetry
and Ephesian publich bath

You've given us a memory and:
Ionic hands on hip:


22 adventurous Seniors from Canada wide
Set off to tour Turkey with me as the guide
We came from East, the Middle the West
Wherever we came from we sure were the best!

The Bosphorus cruise, a beautiful day
The wine enhanced our sail away
Was it Suleyman I or Suleyman II
did he build St Sophia or was it the Mosque Blue?

Istanbul, Canakkale, Troy
A few of our stops
Through temples and Mosques walking side by side
Till we almost died...

Who will forget Fatma
our know-it-all mama
Was it in Turkey or Anatolia??
We're Juniors from Canada
It won't matter
If we don't remember!

Let's not forget our times in the markets
Bargaining for scarves and carpets
Some of our purchases we know without fail
Will end up in next year's garage or yard sale

We had Jennie, the Bag-lady
And Robert our Sultan
Jerry sure could tell a good story
Without Vivian he was in his glory

A medal of award goes to Lydia
Competing with Fatma
Running instead of walking...
Their necks... Shirley wanted to wring

Sheep, goats and honey
Olives, apple tea and money
They offered it all
We mastered it all
And forever will recall

Jo, you who knows everything
Tell me one thing
When our trip came to an end
Did we all have one brand new friend?

Here we are, it's Spring!
Let's all do one thing

Stay healthy, happy
And don't forget...


Love you


My dear Fatma,
Thank you so much for everything! I am very happy to have met you and have enjoyed the experience of learning about your country from you. I really appreciate all you have done. I love Turkey and think it is a wonderful country. I will be back! You are an incredible woman and I am proud to call you my friend. I will give your love and kisses to Colette.
With love and joy to you and your daughter!


P.S. Please come visit Colette and I in Canada, you and your daughter can stay with me any time!


My wonderful Fatma,
How are you, we all reached home safely and what an experience it all was. I realy cannot say any more at this stage, other than Thank You. I need time for it all to sink in .
where on Earth do you get that inner streng,and courge to help people the way you do,and still going stronge.I do beleive the world need a few more like you, no wonder they to do keep comming down.Especially where the power lies.God Bless you and lookafter your mom and doughter. You will hear from me again.
as soon as I recover from this life time experince.
Blessing,Mercy,Peace,Prosperity, be with you always,and good luck in your work
Special thank you again

Evelyn Martin


Dear Fatma
We think that we were very fortunate to have you as our guide. I boast to our friends about what a great asset you are to the modern Anatolia. Charming, strong, with a great social conscience and a wonderful ability to convey the greatness of Anatolia - past, present and future. a privilege to know you.
Wishing you a glimmering, shimmering, magical, marvelous, wonderful holiday season.

Pam and John


Dear Fatma,
John and I want to thank you for a wonderful guided tour of "part of" your beautiful country. All of our interests (architecture, art, and social history) were touched upon in your commentary and you brought alive to us both what we had been reading about. It was moving to walk on the roads that so many hundreds, and millions, have walked before.
Our best wishes to you and your lovely daughter. We pray that she will have opportunities for educate and travel as she grows to adulthood.
I hope we can keep in touch.
Our very best wishes,

John & Virginia Biyce

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